Sunday, May 3, 2015

etwinning 2015: Beautiful Places On My Island, German Presentation, Part Two

On 28th April 2015, between 08.15 am and 09.30 am German Central Summer Time, the second 7th graders' class named 7B has its first meeting in German with Yvonne Dalqvist, etwinning project member from Sweden.
Students presenting beautiful places and
fact of the drinking water supply on different German islands.
Yvonne is teaching German at her school named Alneskolan in Örnsköldsvik. That is in the northeast of Sweden at the Baltic Sea.  She was available with two young ladies to attend the presentations. Cause she still has some trouble with the technique the students from Sweden will present their beautiful places from the Swedish Baltic Sea island during an English meeting in May.
The Germans presented their Frisian and Baltic island in alphabetical order.

Students used their smartphones to vote for the correct answer.

We played a prepared Kahoot game with questions from the presentation. We had a lot of fun during the meeting. The students were really excited during the Kahoot voting.

On Wednesday, 29th April 2015, the students will have their first English meeting with more than one partner.

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