Sunday, May 11, 2014

German islands and drinking water - the final presentation of class 7c

Sometimes it happens that students are missing unfortunately at school on the day you scheduled the presentation. But they had done a lot of hard work of research, collecting pictures, translating phrases into English, etc. It was their primar wish to get a second chance to present "their" island to an international audience. Three students' groups introduced the German islands Sylt, Norderney and Pellworm to an international audience.

Despite of the main presentation there were not adult guests only. Some classes were joing the presentation as well. Because Skype has closed their free access to group conversations we used google hangout to gather all groups into one meeting.

Grade 7 students from Rock Academy School in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa, and their teacher, Mrs Beal, Grade 4 kids from Kiohsiung, Taiwan, and their teacher Mrs Tan at the Public Primary School as well as Mrs Mirtschin from Hawkesdale College in Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia, listened to the kids and watched the slides on the screenshared board.

The whole session took about 30 minutes time. Thanks to all guests and we hope to do our next presentation very soon.

Mrs Tan prepares a little slideshow with the pictures she has taken from this meeting.

Thank you very much to all our guests for their kind support.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Close encounter of the Third Kind

A "close encounter to the Third Kind", that could be the impressions people might have received during the first meeting of my grade 8 kids this morning with students of the same age from the "Born To Excel - Success Motivation Center", Muttar, District of Kerala, India.

Promissing to tell their partners about themselves and their lifes students from both sides started with staring, viewing, joking, but telling nothing, asking nothing, just greet them with a shy  "Hello". After the teachers of both countries, Prof. Joseph and I, started communication first some students took heart and made the first step into the right direction.
After a few minutes the connection was closed down with the aim to reconnect very soon after the ice has been broken.

Some short view into the session can be seen here: Born to Excel in Germany