Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beautiful Places Of My Island 2016

This year's island project started this morning with its first presentation. Students from class 7a did their second video conference ever by presenting German islands from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to their class and to two guests from the USA and Croatia. This meeting was done in German.
The islands Amrum, Borkum, Juist and Norderney (UN heritage) and the off shore island Helgoland, all located in the North Sea, and the island RĂ¼gen from the Baltic Sea  were introduced. They reported about geographical locations, beautiful sights and places on the island, geological features and how people on these islands get their drinking water.

While most of the people living on an island close to the mainland get their water by pipelines. Only a few German islands in the North Sea use this opportunity. They have a drinking water lens below the island , fed by rain water, they can use to offer adequate water supply for the people and all the guests visiting the islands throughout summer mostly. The off shore island Helgoland uses a remote osmosis technology to desalinate sea water.
Our guests from abroad had the task to vote for the best presentation to fill in a prepared questionaire after each presentation. The best presentation was about the island named Borkum.

Five video conferences were held to share all islands.
But they do not present their islands only. Teachers and students from abroad reported about islands we haven't known before and how life is going on there at all (including water supply).

Thanks to all participants who took great affords to prepare certain presentations as well as to the local water supply companies. Special thanks to the Juist tourist board and the municipality of Juist for their support in getting information about the island.
There will be a new "Beautiful Places Of My Island" issue in spring 2017. With the experiences we have gained this year and last year we will set up a new students collaboration project. See you soon and take care.