Monday, April 27, 2015

etwinning 2015: Beautiful Places On My Island, German Presentation, Part One

"Beautiful places on an island", that is what we keep in mind when we dream about a relaxed and funny vacation. Today my chemistry class 7c presented some German islands in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea with locations they had declared as a beautiful place from their point of view. And they added some pictures and information about how people on these German islands get their tap water from.
Today their guests were Mikhail Bukhtoyarov and Anna Bukhtoyarova from Siberia, Russia. They loved their presentations and their creativity to prepare each single slide.

The students became ambassadors of their country representing Germany to an international audience. The Kahoot Quizz at the end of the whole presentation awoke interest during the whole event.

This was the first of about six presentations the students from grade 7 will do throughout the next few weeks at different days and different times in German and English. The whole project is accepted by the European Commission as an etwinning project. Look at the following presentation to get a view what happened this morning in the chemistry room:

Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs Bukhtoyarov from Russia.

The other class, grade 7, will do their German presentations tomorrow at 06.15 am GMT:

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