Saturday, March 21, 2015


This year our school is celebrating its 90th birthday. A lot of events are planed to celebrate this anniversary and to light a beacon of quality education. To reach this aim permanently you have to keep abreast of new ways of education you usually become aware of, but also by passing in review about what you have done the years before.

This time ( we usually celebrate our anniversaries every 5 years!) we had a new idea celebrating our anniversary. Inviting former students to our school  teaching our students today about former kind of school life about 25 years ago we wanted to remind our guests about what they had experienced during their stay at our school. And they gave our students today the opportunity to compare and esteem actual education processes. Some aspects of modern history were mentioned as far as they had influenced school life those days.
A team of teachers were set up to do all the preparations including the search for former students. Looking for certain adults we got the information about 2 former students who live outside Germany and outside Europe today. One is living in the USA and another one in New Zealand. It is curious to mention that these both ladies are from the same final year in 1990 and they were both attending the same classes. Leaving Germany years ago they lost sight of each other for about 25 years now.
Until last week, when they met again with some teachers from our school, their former teachers and the schools' pricipal, the vize principal and me, in a Google Hangout videoconference in my classroom late in the evening. Because there is a small time slot only to cover all time differences without trouble.
There was a lot to talk about. And all together they remind each other about what was going on in the late 80s of the last century. And we presented some actual slides from their 'old school' how it looks like today.

But sometimes all teachers were quiet and listened to what these two ladies from abroad had to talk about to each other, 25 years after their last contact. The whole session took about 1 hour time before all participants went their seperate ways again: in the USA, in New Zealand and in Germany were we left for home finally.

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  1. What a wonderful way to appreciate those who were with us during these important years of one´s lives, well done Reinhard and all!