Sunday, April 21, 2013

Café Dilemma

"CAFÉ DILEMMA": What do students, grade 10, think about  "same sex marriage"?

A small group of students from grade 10 at our school discussed the "for" and "against" of this controverse topic with their moderator, Mr Steve Sherman, from Cape Town, South Africa. Using Skype facilities in my classroom they met him straight in a café in Cape Town, where he offered them "... some food to think about" (Steve Sherman).

(Mr Steve Sherman sitting for lunch in a Café in Cape Town, S.A., moderator of the discussion group)

After exchanging some statements for and against same sex marriage they pointed out how cultural diversities and media influence their argumentation.

At a "CAFÉ DILEMMA" students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds meet to argue for and against a specific statement usually.

The German students asked for this meeting the first time. They met far from their usuall time table during their lunch break.
Both parties finally concluded to repeat this meeting again in the near future.

Thank you, Mr Sherman, for your support!!!

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