Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lunchboxes Around The World

As parents we always keep an eye on what our children eat for lunch at school. Either we check their lunchboxes at home before they will leave for school or we hopefully know what they will eat for lunch at the school's cantine. Whatever we - as parents - accept for lunch it depends on what we can offer to them. And we decide what is healthy food and what they should avoid to eat. For children it is useful sometimes to get aware of what other children in other part of the world get for lunch (if they get anything for lunch at all!) to value their own food.

Students at lunch in Staint Lucia, West Indies

Teachers from schools from the West Indies, from Africa, Japan and Australia took pictures of their students' lunchboxes and from their cantines to show these to my students. And Anne Mirtschin from Hawkesdale College, Victoria, Australia, presented her slideshow this morning straight using Skype and Elluminate Blackboard services. My students compared these meals with the food they usually eat and decided what they would like to eat and which food might be a healthy food for them.

A typical lunchbox in Australia

My students were watching the presentations by Anne Mirtschin from Australia,
who was so kind to report on her pictures by herself.
Thank you Celina Fessall from St. Lucia, Simon Lorimer from Yokohama International School, Anne Mirtschin from Australia and  Peter Jackson from Lusaka, Sambia, for their nice pictures. My students learned a lot.

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