Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Momotaro - The Story of the Son of a Peach, Part I

Today some students from grade 9 at my school had their first meeting with their new reading tutor from Japan, Mr Huy Tran, English teacher at Yamaga Junior High School, Yamaga City, Kyushu, Japan.

They started reading the Momotaro fairy tale, adapted by the American writer Ralph F. McCarthy, which is very famous in Japan. Teacher and students changed reading loud and clearly. And Mr Tran gave them some hints to pronounce the English words the right way.

Finally they will have to talk straight to their new teacher from the distance during small discussions about different topics.


  1. I really like how you all are learning English. What a cool way to learn the language and have fun while doing it. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all a happy New Year. I teach 3rd grade near Chicago, IL USA. I would love to connect with you all for another English lesson sometime soon. Take care.

    David Karnoscak
    3rd grade teacher
    Chicago, IL USA

  2. What a great way to learn English! You are utilizing Skype in a very innovative and exciting way!

    My 2nd grade students will be doing reader's theater presentations in January and February. We would love to share these with you!

    Louise Morgan
    Fort Worth, Texas

  3. Having the opportunity for your students to communicate with Mr. Tran via Skype-- to read and discuss the Momotaro folk legend-- seems like it was a meaningful and motivating way for your students to practice using English. Your students might enjoy seeing this link if they haven't seen it before: that includes Momotaro as well as other folk legends. (There is also a link to the German version of this site.)

  4. I am planning to connect my Senior Citizen students with Huy Tran. They will learn "how to conduct a Skype interaction with Reinhard's students and then give it a try."

    I showed them this video. They are all eager and excited.