Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Second Reading Tutorial launched today

Do you know what a Reading Tutor is? I didn't! Until I met Joanne Kaminski from the USA who has done this wonderful job for years now. She is working with kids during the afternoon hours to teach them what they have misunderstood or even missed in the morning. She trains them in reading and understanding of literature.

Last year she did this job with students from our school her first time outside the US. And it was really amazing to see how the students lost their shyness speaking English. The only disadvantage: It was really early in the USA when the Germans did these meetings.

The second issue of this Reading Tutorial was launched today. Avoiding such early meetings our reading tutor is from Japan this time. Mr Huy Tran from Yamaga Junior High School  did his first meeting today with 10 German students to introduce himself and to get some first information by the German students. The teenagers were very nervous and shy at the beginning sometimes. But finally - after 20 minutes - the ice was melted and the meeting came to a successful finish. He will teach the Japanese Fairy Tale "Momotaro" or the "Story of the Son of a Peach" which is very famous in Japan. The students are really confident that this meetings will be interesting and will have a positive impact to their English knowledge.

The Germans will not train their English knowledge joining this 2 weeks' events only. They will get a view into Japanese culture and traditions comparing them with their own German ones. The next meeting will be on 19th December at 1.30 pm German time.

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  1. Very interesting idea! I'm sure you'll all grow and learn in an exciting and fun way!!!
    Effie Kyrikakis
    Athens, Greece