Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We light up the world: Advent, Christmas and New Year traditions 2015: Students report from around the world

A week before Christmas Eve students and adults from different countries around the world are meeting in a videoconference to express cultural similarities and differences concerning their Advent, Christmas and New Year traditions. Some of these reports and celebrations are done by students. Coming up with time differences some single teachers from foreign continents do a very good job to let us take a view into their traditions over there.

At this conference students of different ages meet and represent their local traditions as ambassadors.

Most of the classes present their slides while they tell us about their traditions. Some of the classes present some Advent or Christmas songs as well.

The grade 10 students from Mumbai/India share different traditions from Goa as well as from Kerala.

Joe McNulty from the United States gives us the opportunity to have a look into his private living room at home very early in the morning.

Anne Mertschin is talking about Christmas traditions in Australia.

Students from France are singing a Christmas Carol in French most of us know in our local language as well.

Some impressions:

Thank you all for joining this very interesting meeting. The presenters are (in order of their appearance):

Anne Mertschin, Hawkesdale College, Australia
Monika Uppal and her students grade 9- 11, Archana Tyagi, India
Yvonne Dalqvist and her students grade 5 and 8, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Sophie Gaiffe and her students grade 6,  , France
Gabi Wahle and her students grade 8, Realschule Sundern, Germany
Cliona Brennock and her students grade 4, St. Molaga School, Balbriggan, Ireland
Patricia Liguori/Rosaria de Luccio and their students grade 8,  , Italy
Ulrica Karlberg and her students grade 6, Vareskil school, Sweden
Joe McNulty, Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA
Elena Guseva and her students grade 5, Uljanov, Russia
Meryem Unsal and her students grade 10, Istanbul, Turkey
Catherine Mongis and her students grade 8, Martinique
Reinhard Marx and his students grade 7, Realschule Sundern, Germany

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  1. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. There is something magical about being on the other side of the world in the depths of a hot summer sharing Christmas traditions with classes and students who are experiencing winter. It was fascinating to learn of both the similarities and the differences in traditions. I learnt a lot and just wished that I could have students involved out time zones did not allow it. Thanks for giving us this amazing opportunity, Reinhard.