Wednesday, October 7, 2015

International Day Of Collaboration 2015: Students from Iceland and Germany create their common slide presentation

It is the first time ever that our school is joining the International Day of Collaboration. Originally set up by the American Global Education Conference it is the goal of this event to "... raise greater awareness of the need for connecting classrooms and education organizations around the world. Empowering student and teachers to create authentic, meaningful experiences will deepen learning and improve educational outcomes for all children. Our hope is that this event will build greater understanding of the possibilities of global education!" (GEC)

To express this goal by our school we prepare a wonderful common presentation with our very new friends from Bertholdskoli, Reykjavik, Iceland, today.  "The Way We Are" was the headline of this event. The students at both schools were split up into small groups preparing 1-2 slides at the common

presentation about teenagers, schools in my neighbourhood, about sports in both countries, some sights in our cities, etc.
Thank you very much for this wonderful collaboration!

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