Friday, December 19, 2014

Students grade 7 until 10 joined the "Matheletics 2014" with success

Some of my students joined this international Maths competition this year. Set up by members of "LivingMaths", a NGO in Capetown, South Africa, they took their chance to reach most of the 20 points available for this test.

Originally created for students in South Africa and in Africa in general this test raised up to an international competition far beyond the African continent border. More than 200000 students joined this test this year.

This morning they got their certificates from "LivingMaths"- coordinator Steve Sherman, who himself joined this session from the distance using Skype. The best students at my school received 18 by 20 points this year.

Steve Sherman especially honours the results of this students' competition, because the test was printed and offered in English, which is not the students' mother tongue.

Congratulations to Jule and Eliana and all 38 certified students.

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