Thursday, April 10, 2014

How do people on a German island get their drinking water?

This is one of the main problems students of grade 7 (three classes) have to face in their chemistry lessons at the moment. After checking the water supply of their hometown Sundern, they had to choose an island from Germany and find out how people of this island get their drinking water. First time ever they have prepared a digital presentation. First time ever they have prepared an English presentation they present to teachers and classes from abroad.

Each class has been split up into small groups of 2- 4 students. Each group has to prepare a research about one island. They present some pictures and information about the island and express technical, economical and geophysical aspects which impact the drinking water supply. Some island are built on sand, others are built on rocks and again others are built from farmland and they were seperated from the mainland throughout flooding.

Islands from the North Sea like Helgoland, Sylt, Föhr, Hallig Hooge and Pellworm, Langeoog, Juist, Rügen and Fehmarn from the Baltis Sea and many others were presented by wonderful pictures. They described the fresh water lens which is located below a number of the Fresian islands and how people on the island named Helgoland get their desalinisated water by reverse osmosis.

Difficulties has been faced because some companies do not offer any information about drinking water supply in the internet generally. So they called them by phone to get further information.

The students present the results of their research after they did a 5 minutes' skype meeting before with several teachers and classes to invite them joining their presentation.

(students are presenting the island of Juist)


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