Thursday, May 28, 2015

etwinning 2015: Beautiful Places on My Island, English presentation, Part 2, 3 & 4

When you think about beautiful islands you maybe dream about sunny days and beautiful beaches. However, who really think about beautiful places on these sensitive island areas far from the coastline and how peoples on these islands live every day?

On 11th May and on 12th May in the morning we met a lot of students and teachers who presented about their local islands and some beautiful places on it. And we shared some information about how people on these islands get access to drinking water while they are surrounded by slatwater at all.

All members of this project now know that there are a lot of beautiful places in the world we should protect. And we all get to know how people live at these places to protect  their close environment.
Next to these conclusions we shared a lot of cultural traditions and information about the countries.

These were the final presentations of this etwinning project. The project founder, Liina Truu from Estonia, participated to these meetings with her students as well as etwining project participant Yvonne Dalqvist from Sweden. Another class from Taiwan with their teacher Lin- Lin Tan told us all about the beautiful places on their island in the Pacific Ocean. And students from Ipoh, Malaysia, gave us an overviews about beautiful and traditional places in this Southeast Asian country.

After the presentations from Germany and Sweden all participants enjoyed the Kahoot quizzes they prepared for their partners.

Founded by Liina Truu from the beautiful island Saaremaa in Estonia and me the project idea was spreaded around using the HLW- Skypers teachers` community and Google Plus to reach more than 250 teachers and classes around the world.

At a Google sheet the teachers who wanted to participate had to register to certain time slots I set up in advance.

To prepare all these meetings the teachers had to meet in advance for several times to discuss technical features concerning the videoconferencing system far from the regular time table while the students prepared their presentations throughout their regular English and Chemistry lessons and in the afternoon at home.

Not everything worked well from the very first beginning. Sometimes we had some trouble to work with the technology.

I prepared some videos of these meetings which you can watch here. The first one is already published.

Some of the registered participants didn't prepare their presentations right in time. To honour their strong effords to prepare their presentations, too, we will do another presentation on 22nd June to get to know more beautiful places on or near beautiful island.